Why Businesses Must Pay Attention To Customer Reviews

People are naturally sceptical when it comes to advertisements knowing that they have been crafted to highlight the best features and advantages of a product or service. Most consumers trust reviews because they are unedited opinions based on real-life experience with a brand. Twice as many consumers actively seek out reviews before making a purchase decision.

When people read reviews, they are not looking for a reason not to buy. They want to gain as much information as possible to ensure that they are making the right choice. Visitors of websites that include customer reviews on the homepage tend to stay longer on the site. The longer they stay, the better are the chances of generating a conversion.

Businesses must pay attention to customer reviews and respond quickly regardless of whether the review is favorable or unfavorable. Businesses do not like negative feedback but when they respond to the customer’s opinion, it gives them an opportunity to show how responsive they are.

Consumers also read negative feedback so that they can weigh it against positive reviews and make a well-informed decision. A highly detailed feedback is worth thousands of dollars in market research particularly when it mentions product features and design.

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