Which CMS To Choose For Your Blogging Site

Blog scripts can help you set up your own weblog or journal on the web by providing the interface that will allow you to manage your posts. There is a collection of commercial or free PHP blog scripts that provides language support as well as images, flash movies and YouTube video support on the content of your blog post. It has a one step installation wizard that allows you to copy/paste one line of code to insert a blog on a webpage. It has the share buttons for Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites.

WordPress as the first choice of most bloggers

WordPress script is open source that is why it is the choice of most bloggers; however, it can also be used for simple web designs. Unlike Drupal, Joomla or Typo3, WordPress does not require knowledge in PHP or HTML. It can be installed very easily through a pre-installed plug-in and template function. WordPress is suggested for beginners because they can simply choose a plug-in or template and click on it for easy installation. Those looking for how to start a wordpress blog will be pleased to learn that there is a wealth of resources available to them online. The script has thousands of plug-ins and majority of them are free; however, the paid ones are more advanced and interesting. On the script’s homepage, you can easily choose from the graphic templates that can change the look of your website. New and existing users to WordPress may also be interested in changing their site’s speed. To get more traffic and to improve your SEO, it is important that your site only takes a couple of seconds to load otherwise visitors will look elsewhere. For more information, you may want to take a look at this ‘how to increase wordpress speed‘ article to see what different things you can do to make sure that your blog is successful and generates a lot of views.

Blogging software or CMS

Blog software allows you to focus on content because it takes care of automatically modifying the main page to include a snippet of the article and links to the article on main, archive, category and tag pages. It frees you from all the mundane tasks of managing the site and you can concentrate on what you do best – writing blogs. Adding a search engine is no longer a hassle because some of the more popular blog software will automatically add a search engine. Another significant advantage provided is the creation of a community who will give their comments and interact with the article.

However, the software on your site is open to the public and anyone who discovers any vulnerability can compromise your site and your data. The solution is to upgrade your software to fix security homes and bugs.

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