Web Developers Tool In Coding And JavaScript Libraries

For professional Web designer or developer, productivity is very important to be able to optimize one’s working practice. To be able to achieve this, they need to have all the latest tools at their disposable. The following is a list of the most recent tools and services available on the World Wide Web.

This list is not everything there is on the Internet. You can research for more resources and tools. This is all due to the hard work of the developers and designers who cared to share what they have worked on. So may the tools provided on the list be helpful in your workflow.


This is perfect for online stores like, PaperMart. Online shopping is the trend these days and when it comes to paying your items, there are a lot of options in which you can pay. Unfortunately, some of these processes take longer and the process of verifying is often slow. With Stripe, you can do all these in a much faster way. Unfortunately, this is only available in the U.S.


While on the process of Web developing or designing, the refresh button is very much the most used because you have to refresh every time you make changes to the page. Good news, you won’t be needing that refresh button when you have the desktop application called LiveReload. All you have to do is save the changes you have made and the browser will automatically refresh the page for you. It does the same when changing a CSS file or an image.


If you are the organized type, Ender is for you. You can create your own personal JavaScript library and manage and compile your very own JavaScript packages. Ender will automatically replace any bad or abandoned libraries you have.


This is the perfect tool of you want your customers to purchase products online using their own currencies. Money.js is a currency conversion library using JavaScript. It can be easily applied on any of your website.

Launch Effect

Using this application, your visitors can sign up on your webpage using their e-mail. After signing in, it will give them their own URL so they can share your website to their friends online. You can then track the user with the most shares and give them a special appreciation gift. It is perfect for launching websites.

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