Web Design Trends For 2020

A number of wed design trends have made a comeback and have demonstrated the influence of technology on many areas. For the longest time, digital agencies have shared what has successfully worked in terms of growing traffic and sales. If you want to learn more, read King Kong digital marketing reviews from present and past employees as well as satisfied clients.

One of the most significant web design principles in 2020 is asymmetry. The asymmetric design is often used in personal websites and resources that promote innovative start-ups because the broken-grid structure expresses uniqueness, courage and readiness to go against the standard norms.

Majority of websites irrespective of type, topic and design choices have always strived to be grid-based with carefully arranged structures. Colours, videos and animation are used with different effects applied but the general layout remains square-based and similar looking. 2020 is very likely to demonstrate a bold move towards individuality and dynamism with growing use of asymmetric designs.

Adaptive design will be enhanced further to make sure that the website is readable and appealing but it is also important to consider that most internet-surfing nowadays is done through mobile gadgets. Web design must be optimized for them. CSS loading must be optimized to make website rendering faster and not slow it down. Smaller files mean faster load time. Useless characters, spaces, tabs, etc can be deleted from the files to considerably reduce the weight of CSS scripts.

An excellent way to emphasize the innovativeness of the brand is to include bright oversaturated colours, minimalistic design and huge texts. A few bold colours that are consistently used throughout the design can create an immediate identifiable combination that will be retained in the memory of the user. Content will be easier to read through brilliantly coloured mostly empty pages with just a few sentences of carefully chosen text.

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