Web Design Tips For Computer Repair Businesses

It’s a common problem that companies like Tecrep24 computer repair services; how to market your business online. Computer repair companies know their job, they know who they are, but the problem comes when they’re trying to introduce themselves to potential customers.

Here’s some tips to create a site that wins so you can focus on fixing computers. These are just the basics, however, and it’s always worth learning a bit more.


If you already have a logo and a business card, then using similar formatting to it on your website helps with maintaining a consistent brand. You don’t need to look far to come up with a design. Minimalistic design works, but you still want a clear visual identity, with a distinctive color scheme, avatar, and other visual aids. Remember, be bold and distinct like Tecrep24 computer repair services; standing out from the competition is key to marketing.


There’s a lot of options for making a site now, like WordPress. The idea is to find what works best for you, and construct something that’s uniquely yours. WordPress has more ‘blog-like’ aesthetics, Squarespace offers more contemporary aesthetics, while Wix is for the smaller owners who want something simple.


Alright, the good stuff. What do you put into your website. Simply put, you want customers to choose you, because they think you’re their best option, either financially, or in a personal manner. To that end:

  • Make it simpler. Einstein once said “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler”. You can’t make computer repair a magical, 1-2 step process, but you can help customers get a grasp of it. Educated customers make smarter decisions, and are also more likely to embrace developments.
  • Be transparent. Firstly, as a continuation of the above point, knowledgeable customers are more aware of what they should pay when it comes to repairs. So make sure you’re open about what they might have to pay you. Secondly, having realistic promises when it comes to your business lets customers get a good grasp of what they get out of your business. Set the bar too high or too low, and you lose customers.
  • They’re the driving force behind your marketing. Emphasize on the benefits that customers get from you, and use that to sell your brand.

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