Ways For Web Designer To Get More Clients Using Digital Marketing

Web designers are in demand, no two ways about it. Not surprising, given how pretty much everything and everyone is online. But a web designer needs to understand more than just good web design. Digital marketing is deeply intertwined with web design, as someone like king kong sabri suby can say, with one of the end goals of web design, alongside with ensuring good user experience.

As a result, good web designers gain a lot from brushing up on digital marketing principles for their web design and client hunting needs.

Understand digital marketing

One of the more common mistakes made by web designers when handling digital marketing is letting the inner artist run loose. Granted, web design demands a certain level of artistry, but strategic marketing techniques are just as important. In order to succeed, a good mix of good web design and digital marketing strategy is needed.

For web designers, they need to:

  • Learn about what’s SEO-friendly, and use those more.
  • Understand traffic with analytics, like what Google has.
  • Sign up for social media in order to get a proper brand identity established.
  • Get creative with e-mail marketing.

Don’t try to learn it all in one go. You didn’t learn web design in one huge dump, and the same applies to digital marketing.

Build on a web designer brand.

In order to be pursued by clients, a web designer needs to sell themselves.

  • Create a portfolio/site in order to have a personal brand established. There are lots of ways to build your own site, with WordPress being the most commonly used. Take care to choose a hosting service, you want someone trustworthy.
  • Starting a blog is a great way to show off what you know, as well as providing useful information to potential clients. This builds up good press, making you trustworthy like king kong sabri suby, and also improves SEO, as search engines prefer fresh content.

Get networking.

Getting started is the hardest part of being a freelancer. Having relationships, and being a notable name, helps a lot with getting clients and having people turn to you for their needs. To that end:

  • Local networking events are always a good place to go.
  • Social media groups, like on Facebook, that’s relevant to your field are good for getting attention.
  • Fundraisers are also great gatherings.


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