Using Testimonials In Web Design

With more and more people being aware of the power of online reviews and testimonials, things like King Kong marketing agency reviews are becoming more and more valuable for companies.

How could they not be?

Testimonials are powerful marketing tools, one that builds customer trust and alleviates their concerns, improves the brand’s credibility, and turn potential clients into, well, actual clients. Needless to say, having testimonials on your site can be an extremely effective way to get brownie points.

The kicker, however, is that the traditional design for a testimonials page, which has a list format to it, is actually quite bad. That’s because this design was first cooked up in the earlier days of the internet, where testimonials and user reviews weren’t considered as important as they are now. Not having testimonials is the worse option, but if you’re going to use testimonials, why not use a custom-made approach that reflects your brand and company? Isn’t that the whole point of the site?

Displaying testimonials

A testimonials page is great and all, but not everyone is going to bother looking at it. That’s just how it is; people on the internet have short attention spans. So what do you do?

Easy; you put your most glowing testimonials on display at every page on your site. You’ve seen those glowing King Kong marketing agency reviews on display on the company’s site, even at the home page, right? Like that. The key to doing this right is to put it at the bottom or at the sidebar of pages, where they won’t obstruct the body and the content itself.

Putting the best testimonials on your site’s pages means that a lot of people that see your site know how trustworthy your company is and what you can do for them, even if they don’t bother to actually look at the testimonials page that you’ve got ready for them.

In case they do go to your testimonials page, then remember that making that particular page different from those of other sites can do a lot to set you apart from the competition. Go beyond the usual list of customer reviews and go with something that reflects your brand. Again, that’s the core principle that should govern your site’s design: reflecting your brand.

Word-of-mouth for the modern age

We’ve already said it before, but the point of a site is to promote your brand. But you don’t always have to do this by yourself; other people can do it for you. That’s what testimonials and customer reviews are all about; that’s why those King Kong marketing agency reviews are so big.

Putting testimonials and reviews into your site basically allows you to advertise via your past customers. They’re not something you should hide or just consider a ‘side thing’; they’re an important part of your online presence and digital marketing endeavors. Your design should reflect that.