Tricks For Dental Website Design

A lot of potential patients opt to go to the dentist’s site instead of calling the office to get some information on what the practice offers. That’s why sites like are valued by the practices that run them; they represent the company online, and attract patients.

If your site isn’t updated, then patients will think you’re slow, out of date, and aren’t up to par with the rest of the field. Here’s the elements your dental site should have.

Mobile-friendly design

With more and more people using mobile devices to browse the internet, mobile-friendly design is now more important than ever. Your site needs to load and function right regardless of what device is being used to browse it. On top of that, Google has also started prioritizing mobile-first indexing, so it’s also leg up on SEO.

Link s to social media and online reviews

Online reviews and word-of-mouth are great ways to advertise. That’s why you want to link to your associated social media pages, like Facebook, and ratings and reviews on major sites like Yelp or Google Business. These allows for more presence on the internet and provide social proof, on top of giving people a good idea of what your practice is actually is, which can help ease the dental experience.

Patient engagement tools

Let patients interact with the office regardless of where they are. Remember that communication and openness is key to establishing a good relationship, and dental practice is no different. Patient portals make it easy for patients to schedule their appointments, look at their records, and even pay. Like with any aspect of any site, like, it should be easy to work with, and have alluring calls to action.

Fresh content

Updated content is a key part of online presence. With search engines crawling sites all the time, making sure you have quality content, like a good practice blog and online videos and images, is a great way to engage potential patients. It’s also a great chance to communicate with patients; answer their questions, get to know them, share your dental practice, that sort of thing.

Modern aesthetics

Most internet audiences have short attention spans, so first impressions matter. That means that the site needs to be visually appealing, while being functional. Strong branding, having white space, and avoiding walls of text all help make sure your site is aesthetically appealing.

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