Tips To Remain Healthy After HCG Weight Loss Program

The usual HCG weight loss program has 3 phases while there are those that come in 4 phases. If you were successful with all the phases and you were able to eliminate excess weight and fats, the next challenge is to remain fit with your ideal weight. And yes, the process does not end just because you were able to achieve your target weight and body shape, neither does it stop after you have surgery (from somewhere like As a matter of fact, all the more you need to be careful so as not to backslide and go back to your old unhealthy habits. After several weeks of resisting the beckoning of chocolate cakes and vanilla sundaes, it can be easy to give in and take your first bight back to gaining weight. However, if you focus and be religious about your goals, there is no reason why you will not make it and remain fit.

When you are done with the different phases of your weight loss regimen, your goal shifts to maintaining your shapely body. Continue with your regular exercise of two to three times a week. Do not engage in heavy exercises right away. Go for light exercises immediately after your weight loss program such as jogging, aerobics, brisk walking or swimming. If you are worried about running outside, consider going to a gym or investing in a treadmill for your home. Sites such as gear surfer can help point you in the right direction to find the best fit for your home surroundings.

What is key, however, is maintaining your calorie intake levels. Your calorie intake must remain low after HCG weight loss and doing heavy exercises would deplete your energy right away. Maintain your low calorie intake of 500-550 per day then you can eventually increase your carb consumption in three weeks after the phases. You might also want to supplement your diet with vitamin B12 supplements. You can learn more about the relationship between b12 and hcg on the IHCG Injections website. On the last day of taking HCG drops, weigh yourself then weigh yourself again at least once a week or whenever you want to check your weight.

Three weeks after taking HCG, start eating regularly with the usual amount of carbohydrates. Increase your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables while avoiding high cholesterol food.

To keep yourself healthy, choose your food properly. Consume food that are high in omega 3 fatty acids. Cold water fishes, nuts and flaxseeds are also rich in essential fatty acids. To keep your weight down after the HCG weight loss program, keep a healthy lifestyle and get plenty of rest.

You may have heard that HCG doesn’t only come in drops but also as an injection, both options have the same outcome however some people can’t inject themselves on a daily basis which is why the drops suits them better, that being said with the drops you do have to mix them yourself and there are those that would prefer not to get involved with mixing medication which is why for those people the HCG injections are best, before making your final decision and purchasing your HCG Drops follow this link and see what Amy recommends for you.

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