The Importance Of Code Reviews

Quality assurance is a key part of any product release, which is why code reviews are a thing for software and web development. Overall program design and standards in the field need to be met, which is why some companies offer code reviewing service and the like.

Code reviews are somewhat different from quality assurance, though, in the process brings in fellow developers and QA specialists to read the code line by line, checking it for flaws. Of course, such an important part of the design process needs to be strictly defined.

  • Mistakes in the code, like typos, security bugs, business logic flaws, and the like, are easier to spot in the code review process compared than when QA looks for them in the compiled product. Code reviews, as a result, can save a lot of money and time; especially if an issue would only have been found after the product goes live.
  • Code review is a form of communication between developers, meaning that it’s a great chance to have senior developments find common mistakes and discuss, while also teaching junior developers and helping them grow by spotting trouble spots. Even if an external code reviewing service is brought it, it’s still a great chance for learning.
  • If a reviewer reviews the code of a product, they know the product better. Thus, they’re informed about the product, meaning there are more people who know about how the product was written, and can communicate with each other; meaning that it is easier to find and discuss the best possible solution for problems.
  • If someone knows their work will be reviewed, then that means that transparency is a known factor. Sometimes, this makes people more motivated to write better code and work better.

Coding standards

Coding standards exist to make sure the code is readable for any developer, while also making things easier to process. Things like limitations on text line length, acceptable defect rates, and the like are part of that, with the idea of making things improve with each review.

Constant code reviews make the development process more efficient over time, but also allows for a more consistent process that can be predicted and estimated.


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