Search Engine Optimization And Self Storage Websites

Student storage Manchester has seen a rise in popularity recently due to higher demands for storage spaces among university and college students. A lot of these student self storage facilities now use websites to not only advertise their facilities or to share information about their storage units but to also allow their potential customers to reserve storage units and to do other transactions related to their storage units.

However, the high demand for storage spaces means that the competition among student storage facility operators is also increasing. And since internet and mobile technology have been dictating our world more and more lately, competition among storage operators has also spilled out into the internet realm, using self storage management software like storage operators are now finding ways to stick out from the crowd.

When looking for storage spaces, most students nowadays would rather use the internet to search for their ideal facilities. Hence, search optimization is also key into how storage facilities would be able to sell more of their units through their websites. This is why the self storage Lynchburg website uses SEO to target the correct target audience and secures more sales.

Mobile search
First of all, it’s important to have a self-storage website design that is optimized for mobile web browsing, for example, this commercial storage company uses their online website to catalog your items for you, allowing you to get items delivered or stored as you wish by simply choosing your items listed in storage, the website is also mobile-optimized. A study made by Google and Nielsen showed that 66% of those who used their mobile gadgets to make an online search had follow-up actions after the initial search. It showed that 17% of those who made a search and visited the store’s website made a purchase online. Moreover, 7% also called business.

Now, those don’t seem like eye-popping numbers. But, imagine how many millions or even billions of people make searches on the internet everyday using their mobile gadgets. 17% of millions is actually a very good number if you think about it.

So, for you to be able to be one of the lucky storage facilities to be able to sell units to that the people belonging to that 17%, you have to optimize your website for mobile browsing as Google had previously changed their search optimization protocol into prioritizing websites optimized for mobile browsing. If you’re website isn’t fit for mobile browsing, then expect your self-storage website to be on the last page of every Google search result.

The impact of searching
If you’re not convinced by what was said above, let me tell you that it was found in a study that 42% of consumers who look to find local business information actually use the internet and search engines to do so. That shows that, among the many ways of looking for business information, search engines have the largest impact on how businesses are located by their consumers.

So, if you’re already convinced by how search optimization can affect your self-storage business, make sure that your web design makes it very easy for consumers to search for your business online by keywords such as student storage or self-storage, which are keywords that are effectively used by Manchester based GoodStorage.

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