How To Use Python Scripts For SEO

In today’s age of digital technology, SEO Perth is very important for every marketing professional. There is no way for a marketing team to control Google, but what goes on in the website like content creation, site optimization and generating traffic can be controlled so that Google can find out what your site is all about. These are elements that people often ask about when speaking to someone who provides Full Service Marketing Agency Services from Improve Marketing, as one example.

Python is a programming language that can be very useful when developing tools for search engine optimization. Python SEO analyzer is an SEO tool that has the capability to analyze the structure of a website. More and more SEO companies are using this tool because it crawls the site, counts the words in the body and provides warnings if there are SEO-related issues. The script will require Python 2.7+, BeautifulSoup4, Minidom, NLTK, NumPy and urllib2.

Broken links are hyperlinks to a website that is no longer available or has moved to another server. The user receives an error message when he clicks on a link. Google does not like broken links and so do web users. If you are using WordPress, you can make a daily check on the site by installing Broken Links Checker plugin. However, if the website is not WordPress based, you can use Python script that will crawl the site and return the broken links that have to be edited. If this is all sounding too much for you, then why don’t you check out something like this

Those who have searched for keywords for their content marketing strategy have certainly used Google Trends whether the interest over a particular keyword has intensified or diminished. However, Google does not provide API for bulk keyword growth research the way that Python does with a little script and a .csv file.

Recently, Google made Webmasters tools data available through open source Python library to make it easy to transfer data directly to Google Docs or the desktop. For most, setup and configuration is not easy but Python script provides ease in getting Google Webmasters Tools data.

On the other hand, web site design that prioritizes SEO Perth is not easy for a business owner who is not tech savvy. The best solution is either taking Online Training in SEO, or using a professional agency that designs professional websites that can gain a high rank in search engine results.

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