How To Sort Disposable Items For Junk Hauling

Sometimes, what you consider a junk may be considered a gem for others. This is the reason why it is important to sort your disposables out before the day of your scheduled junk hauling. For faster garbage disposal and collection, it would be wise to organize your items to the following:


One of the good things about recycling or upcycling is that it is eco-friendly. A simple act of segregating your trash will help reduce waste and the consumption and need for raw materials for the production of brand new items. You can either send your recyclable materials such as plastic, paper, clothes, etc. to a recycling facility near you or you can ask the residential dumpster collector to pick them up for you as part of the service they are going to render. 

For donations

Toys, used ceramics or kitchenware, clothing and used furniture are just some of the items that can be donated to charitable institutions or family and friends that may be glad to get hand-me-downs from you. once again, you are not just helping the environment to save on raw materials and natural resources, you are also doing a good deed to those who are in need and to family and friends who may be glad to get what you considered trash.  

For selling

Another way to sort your items before the junk hauling services is to check for items that can still be sold online or those that can be put on a garage sale. The sales or profit can be used for the payment of the dumpster services. Slightly used items or products that you purchased but didn’t get to use are perfect for selling.


Lastly, when all your disposable items were sorted out, what will remain would be items for junk hauling. Take note that there are items or waste product that may not be accepted by residential dumpsters such as toxic materials and other hazardous waste products. Ask the service provider in advance for items that they do not accept. You can drop such items to a nearby drop off center for hazardous materials.

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