How To Prevent These Common Website Design Fails

When planning a website for your business of marquee hire in Sydney, you might have a lot of ideas in mind but in reality those ideas can be a big failure. These ideas are some of the common mistakes that website owners make when deciding on the design of their website. Here are some of the common fails and how to prevent them from happening to your site.

Using multiple fonts can result to an overwhelming site. When designing and seeing all the beautiful fonts available, you might be tempted to use all the ones you like or even upload a specific font you love. While you might be having fun using various fonts, your visitors will not be happy so it is best to use only two or three. Choose either fancy or bold for the font of your headline and another one for the content of your site. Make sure the fonts you use are not too small or hard to read.

Overdoing the keywords can happen if you want to perform search engine optimization without knowing that it can actually hurt your site. Using keywords are recommended but it should be used strategically or else Google will flag your website for keyword stuffing. When caught red-handed, Google has the option to lower your rank in the search engine results. No owners want to see their business fall in the search engine rankings as this will mean that no traffic is being driven to their website. To prevent your business from losing any awareness, looking for search engine optimization experts will help you maintain your status in the search engine rankings. Your search engine ranking is largely determined by the quantity and quality of keywords that feature throughout your website. Looking for keywords to help your site rise through the ranks? Long Tail Pro is a popular piece of keyword research software. For further information about the importance of keywords, check out this long tail pro review.

Limit your call to action. This is good for your business as it encourages visitors to take the next step but using too much can be bad. Customers are more likely not to take action if they have a lot of options in front of them rather than just one or two.

Forget about music. Some might think this as a good attention catcher but don’t do it. Not everyone will appreciate the music you put on and not everyone wants to open a site that automatically belt out music as they might be browsing in a place where quiet is important.

Ditch the amateur images especially if you are presenting products such as marquee hire in Sydney in order to catch the attention of customers. No one is going to rent your equipment if the images do not do them justice. High quality images are required if you really want to catch the customer’s attention.

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