How To Generate King Kong Marketing Agency Reviews

Product reviews and testimonials are some of the effective ways to popularize brands. 70% of customers shared that before making a purchase, they usually look at King Kong marketing agency reviews or the reviews of the products they are planning to purchase. To gain more product reviews, here are some useful tips:

  • Make your reviews visible. Place a few product reviews or testimonials on your home page. This way, your site visitors can immediately see positive reviews about your brand. If not convinced right away, they will at least give your brand serious consideration.
  • Put your brand where your targets are. Make your brand known to your prospects by encouraging reviews and placing them on social media, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter or other social media site where most of your targets hang out. Interact with them each time they post King Kong marketing agency reviews and make sure you show appreciation for the feedback.
  • Follow up your customers. After a few days of purchase, make it a point to call your customers or send them a personalized email that request for an honest feedback on your products or services. This will make your customers feel valued and they will be encouraged to share their ideas regarding your products. Encourage them to put their ideas on your website or on your social media pages for more exposure.
  • Contact those with negative reviews. Ignoring buyers who left negative reviews will only make matters worse. Find out why the customer was dissatisfied and how you can revert the experience. This will make the customer feel valued, including his or her feedback and may even post a better or positive review in favour of your product. Customers talk and you surely do not want negative feedback about your brand circulating on the internet.
  • Reward customer reviewers. Another excellent way to acknowledge customers is by giving away discounts to those who leave King Kong marketing agency reviews on your website or social media pages. This is not only encouraging to your customers, they will also be enticed to try your product and get discounts by simply posting their reviews.
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