How To Ask A Customer To Leave A Review

It is without question that reviews are very important for businesses that sell products and services. A prospective customer of a digital marketing agency will search online review platforms to read what people are saying before they hire the company. Consumers want to be assured that they are making the right decision.

Reviews are good for consumers; however, they also help enhance a company’s online presence. Online reviews have a big impact on search engine results because they improve the click-through rates to the website. Reviews also reinforce geographic listing which increases the company’s local search placement.

The traditional approach when requesting for customer feedback is to ask through the website, through email, by phone, or through a postcard asking a customer to leave a review. Nowadays, there are apps that allow a business to scan a barcode and get immediate feedback. Brick and mortar shops have laptops where customers can submit a review whenever they visit.

Providing customers with an incentive to review a product or service is also allowed provided that it won’t be a condition for a positive review. Coupons, discounts, or freebies can motivate a customer to leave a review and get it posted. However, it must be done ethically and not seem like the company is paying for a review.

A digital marketing agency encourages its clients to leave king kong advertising reviews knowing that potential customers are searching for information and want to find content that will justify their decision. Reviews are the voice of customers that must be heard by others.

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