Guide To A Professional-Looking Website

There are many factors that contribute to a success of a website. To say that excellent content or great design alone would be enough to propel it to the top is false. User experience is as important along with functionality. While beauty for one might not be the same for another, experts in web design believe that there are ground rules that should be taken into account when designing a website. If you want to increase your sales of kitchen tiles, keep in mind the following tips to have a professional website.

  • Less is more. If you think that a website visitor reads everything on the website, this is where you are wrong. They are more likely to do a quick scan to find the keywords they are looking for. This is why it is better to play with their emotions instead of using eloquent wordings. The less clutter there is, the more they are going to remember the important points. Instead of using texts, you can also use visual stimulants such as icons and images to communicate with the readers.
  • Visual hierarchy. There is an order in everything and the same goes for website design. The contents should be arranged in a way that flows without looking forced. It only takes a few seconds to engage a visitor before they decide to leave the site. A visual hierarchy is the best way to do this because they are more likely to follow when the leading is done properly.
  • Readability. You think that by using deep words, readers will think of the company as very professional but do not forget that they are not there to read every word on the page. It is best to go with website contents that are easy to read in order to reach more customers.
  • Navigation. Online shopping was created for convenience therefore they should be able to navigate with ease and not think about what they should do next. They should find the product they are looking for such as kitchen tiles rather than jumping from one link to another which ultimately leads them to decide to leave the website altogether.
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