Ensuring A Great User Experience Through Responsive Web Design

Not all residents of an English-speaking nations can converse and write in the English language. In order to help the child do well in school, parents usually hire an English tutor that can provide one-on-one assistance. The individualized learning approach has been proven successful in many students.

It is very likely for a parent to use a touch-screen mobile device to access the website of a tutor. Will the device display the same features that are viewed through a desktop? Responsive website design ensures that a user has a great experience with a website whether it is accessed through a personal computer or a mobile gadget.

In order to optimize web pages for everyone, a meta viewport tag is included on the head of the document to provide instructions to the browser and how the page’s scaling and dimensions can be controlled.

When attempting to create a great user experience, mobile browsers will render a page at desktop screen width, usually at about 980px. To make content look better, font sizes are increased and content scaled to fit the screen. However, font sizes may appear inconsistent to users. They need to double-tap or pinch to zoom so that they can interact with content.

Meta viewport value will provide instructions to the page so that it will match with screen width in device independent pixels. Device independent pixel means a representation of a single pixel that may consist of several physical pixels on a high density screen. This will allow the web page to reflow content so that it will match with different screen sizes on mobile devices and desktop monitors.

However, there are browsers that keep page width constant when rotating to landscape mode and zoom instead of reflowing to fit the screen. Lighthouse audit will help automate the process by ensuring that HTML documents are using meta viewport tags properly.

It makes sense for parents to choose the best English tutor who can relate and empathize with the child. It is possible that the child is losing the motivation to study hard because of the difficulty of understanding English lessons. Individualized tuition can be the best solution.

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