Critical Factors That Determine The Usability Of A Website

A professional website helps businesses to stand out from the competitors. A well designed website that is user friendly portrays a professional image of the business and helps to attract potential clients. Good design, quality content and seamless user experience are important for the success of any website.

If you are a new entrepreneur or a local business providing services like team building activities, HR functions etc. or selling products, here are some tips to help you create a successful website for your business.

Compatibility with mobile screens

A website should be highly responsive and adapt well to different screens. Most of the viewers use their laptops, mobile phones and tablets to search for products and services. A website should adapt well to the different screens to provide a good user experience. A website that does not look good on mobile or tablet screens might result in the business losing valuable customers.

Good layout

A good layout is very important for a website. The information should be neatly organized in an easy to locate manner. The visitors should be able to easily understand the tabs that lead them to different sections with the relevant information. For example, the website for team building activities firm should have information about the different team building activities, case studies and outcomes neatly arranged under different headings that are easy to understand for the potential clients. If the website uses fancy jargon, the viewers might get confused and leave the site.

Quick loading time

A website should be fast to load. Fast load time is a critical aspect that effects the search engine rankings of a site. Visitors generally visit those sites that appear on top of the search engines. Hence it is essential to maintain quick load times. The average load time should be between four to six seconds. Moreover, visitors tend to move away from sites that take longer time to load and instead visit the competitor sites.

Attractive colour scheme

A website should have an attractive colour scheme in order to catch the attention of the viewers. The background and content should have the right amount of contrast so that the content is clearly visible and easy to read.

Attractive and usable forms

Business websites should have usable forms so that the clients can interact easily with the site. The forms should be accessible and easy to use. For example, the website of a team building activities firm should have relevant forms to enable the viewers to sign up for newsletters or contact the company for further information.

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