Computer Languages That Web Designers Typically Use

The illustrated maps that you will see by clicking here represents pieces of art that were very popular decades ago. There was a time when illustrated maps thrived so that businesses used them to advertise a brand, vacation or a tropical dream. Many of the maps are used by resorts, parks and tourist destinations to attract visitors and businesses.

Another powerful marketing tool that can be used by organizations is the website. Before the internet, people had to rely on books as their primary source of information. Today, information is just within the fingertips because someone out there has designed a website with the exact information you need.

HTML and CSS are the most dominant computer languages used in building a website. HTML (HyperText Markup Language) provides structure to content like headings, paragraphs and images. Meanwhile CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is used to style the appearance of content using fonts or colors.

Both computer languages are independent from each other. CSS cannot be written inside an HTML document and vice versa. HTML will always represent content while CSS represents how content will appear.

Those getting started with HTML are very likely to encounter terms like elements, tags and attributes. Elements are the designators that define structure and content of objects on a page. The most frequently used elements are multiple levels of headings and paragraphs.

Tags usually occur as pairs of opening and closing tags that surround elements. The opening tag is found at the beginning of an element while the closing tag is at the end of an element. Content of an element is content that can be found between the opening and closing tags.

Attributes are the properties that web designers use to provide additional information on an element. You will find the attributes within the opening tag after the name of the element.

Meanwhile, by clicking here you will get more information about illustrated maps and the different purposes for which they are created. In the past, illustrated maps served as an example of the vibrancy of a culture. They are interesting, eye-catching and informative that is why they are generally used for marketing campaigns.

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