Best Blank Themes From WordPress

Every WordPress developer knows that developing codes for a WordPress theme from scratch is never easy – it quite a tedious job. Thanks to WordPress’ blank themes, developers can now utilize it to make their job a lot easier and will save them tons of time too!

Here are some blank WordPress themes that will surely help WordPress developers in web their developing process.

Constellation Theme

A developer who wants a highly optimized WordPress framework can use the Constellation theme. It is not as bare as the other themes and uses HTML5. This theme offers flexibility and showcases different styles for different devices. The HTML5 code is up-to-date which is perfect for Search Engine Optimization.

Cutline Theme

The body text of the Cutline Theme is serif fonts such as Georgia and Times New Roman. The header text on the other hand uses sans serif fonts such as Helvetica and Arial. This theme is very powerful as much as it is flexible. It runs on the WordPress blogging software, it is free and it is awesome. Developers who want their websites to look sharper must then use Cutline Theme. This theme will take anyone’s posts to the next level.

H5 Theme

This template provides developers with everything necessary to create beautiful themes using HTML5. If he wants to create a template now, as in literally now, then the H5 theme is great for that. Developers can access theme files and folders using H5 because it already contains the complete set. This theme can be easily customized and personalized.


This theme is for those looking for a search engine optimized yet a totally user-friendly theme. Hybrid has custom page templates and areas where anyone can just put all their desired widgets. This theme is free for all and it is already open source.


For those developers or designers who want a literally blank theme, it is perfect to start out with Sandbox. When it comes to blog themes, this one is the most influential of them all. Sandbox is powered by dynamic functions as well as Microformats. Sandbox is also rich with semantics.

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