Appeal To More Buyers With These Web Design Ideas

Every detail in your website can affect a buyer’s decision to buy or leave immediately. Here are ideas to enhance your webstore and attract shoppers to fill up their paper bag.

Use excellent pictures

The quality of the product image will not only attract purchase but it will also encourage social sharing. It pays to capitalize in first-class photography. Remember, the picture of the product is your best shot in showing the world what you offer.

After collecting high quality images of your products, arrange them using dynamic photo sliders. Give emphasis to key products you want to showcase. And of course, make sure that product purchase is as easy as one click.

Use eye-catching links

Your web store design should lead visitors towards purchase. Use vibrant and clear linking approaches to support conversion. Embrace clickable pictures, text and icons throughout every page. Give several chances for shoppers to navigate towards the shopping cart or individual item pages from any page on your website.

Make buying simple

The top web stores, even those selling paper bags, use great effort to make even first time visitors shop as easy as possible from their website.

Consider these strategies when setting up an Ecommerce site

  • Several add to cart icons for every product
  • Cart icon indicates items added and total price of items and easy checkout icon
  • Bright colored call-to-action buttons

Concentrate on Navigation

The navigation path of a webstore must be consistent and organized. Every direction should lead a potential shopper to what they need to find. Navigation choices should be direct. Additional choices should be listed too within the page to expound shopper’s understanding.

Make sure your web store looks neat and well-structured

A net website leaves a positive impact to the product endorsed. A chaotic one on the other hand turns off potential buyers. You do not need to fill up every space in your website; negative space gives a visual break to the visitor.

A buyer from a physical store is no different from an online shopper. A shopper wants to buy from a store which is clean and organized. Buyers need labels to guide them where to find items they need in a neat and easy to follow manner.

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